Citadel Battle Ready Paint Set

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This bundle of 30 Citadel Colour Base and Shade paints gives you access to a huge variety of hues and tones, allowing you to explore new and exciting colour schemes. This collection has been curated by Citadel painting experts to give you a wide range of options when painting your miniatures, and works perfectly with the Parade Ready Paint Set, which provides the corresponding selection of Citadel Colour Layer paints needed to highlight your Battle Ready army to a Parade Ready standard.

This bundle includes the following 22 12ml pots of Base paint:
– 1x Corax White
– 1x Abaddon Black
– 1x Mechanicus Standard Grey
– 1x Retributor Armour
– 1x Leadbelcher
– 1x Rhinox Hide
– 1x Mournfang Brown-
– 1x Zandri Dust
– 1x Rakarth Flesh
– 1x Wraithbone
– 1x Naggaroth Night
– 1x Macragge Blue
– 1x The Fang
– 1x Thousand Sons Blue
– 1x Caliban Green
– 1x Waaagh! Flesh
– 1x Death Guard Green
– 1x Orruk Flesh
– 1x Khorne Red
– 1x Mephiston Red
– 1x Bugman’s Glow
– 1x Averland Sunset

Also contains the following 8 18ml pots of Shade paint:
– 1x Nuln Oil
– 1x Agrax Earthshade
– 1x Reikland Fleshshade
– 1x Seraphim Sepia
– 1x Berserker Bloodshade
– 1x Drakenhof Nightshade
– 1x Coelia Greenshade
– 1x Biel-Tan Green

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