Tell me more about gaming mats

Our wargames terrain mats made from high durability PVC or synthetic cloth. PVC (or polivinyl cloride) is a highly durable material. The surface is resistant to scratch and tear as well as various stains. You can even make notes on it with water based pen and clean it with a piece of cloth later. Due to its nature, the mats are ready for some heavy duty gaming. Cloth mats are manufactured from light weight synthetic material. It feels like and has properties of your every-day t-shirt. Except that it is much more resistant to wrinkles. You can machine-wash it and iron it with stream. The image is soaked into the material using heat transfer imprint, making it impossible to peel off. The images are of highest quality. The mat itself can serve as an excellent background for the usual scenery elements or it can be used as a stand-alone background for a game. You can find exceptional attention to details as well as unique touch of an artist in every inch of the mat.

Here is a handy video review by Initiative : Tabletop of what PVC mats are and what they are not:

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Then there is a good video comparison of PVC vs cloth mats and a deeper follow-up with some FAQ answered

Yes, we can make them in any size you wish. Just write us an email at with your ideas or leave us a note in Contacts menu. More information about custom prints in THIS menu.


Yes, of course. On top of that we can modify color tones, draw new elements to the mat, discard something you don’t need, etc.
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