Deep-Cut Studio is home of battlefields.

We are the pioneers in game mat manufacturing and have a widest range of battlemats to choose from for your miniature wargames and tabletop board games. The gaming mats are manufactured in-house with state of the art European and Japanese made machinery that is able to handle the highest artistic standards and can be done on various materials, mousepad included.

We are the creators and producers of prepainted scenery line for miniature wargames. The resin model buildings don’t require assembly or painting and are ready to use out of the box. You can also find lots of great selected products from other manufacturers to accompany them, such as model trees and laser-cut scenery.

And not only we provide everything you need to build the epic battlefields, but have everything to paint those armies as well. Paint and brushes from best known companies, tools, supplies and effects to push the limits of your creativity.

We are excited to be part of the tabletop games hobby and gladly work with creators and publishers to fulfill their ideas as well as individuals seeking for a one of a kind solution.

MB Deep-Cut Studio, company code: 303277016, VAT code: LT100008498316

Operational address: Paneriu 51, Vilnius, 03160, Lithuania

Contacts: , +37067081537