Size of a standard mat does not match your table? Need a grid, hexes or deployment areas? Or maybe you have a digital copy of your favorite image and wish it manufactured as a gaming mat? We can help.

You can create a mat from your picture or drawing and add an optional grid or hex layer using a dedicated Print-O-Mat. If that doesn’t answer your needs, we will be glad to offer our mats in just about any size you can think of. We can customize it with your club/shop logo or other visual elements, add any size hexes, grids, deployment areas, alter colors, add or remove visual elements to the design.

custom gaming mat 1

Doublesided mats are available with any design on either side with a limitation of not being able to manufacture grid or hex layouts and deployment lines on those mats.

doube sided game mat

We are also open for any commission work and are able to create a dedicated design for your game or scenario or the one-of-a-kind mat itself.

custom gaming mat 2

Your requests are welcome at or via the contacts form below.

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