Yes, we can make them in any size you wish. Select any of our designs or upload your image HERE and with just a few clicks you are done!
Yes, of course. Select any of our designs or upload your image HERE, step 3 allows you to add an optional layer of grids or hexes to your playmat. On top of that we can modify color tones, draw new elements to the mat, discard something you don’t need, etc. For even more complex inquiries please check your options HERE.
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Orders to EU: 4-5 days UPS delivery, flat rate, free shipping on orders over 200 eur
Orders to US: ~5 days FedEx delivery, free shipping on orders over 300 eur
Rest of the world: ~5 days FedEx delivery, price depends on your actual location.
Note, that shipping prices are calculated automatically based on your cart contents.
Also note, that small parcels (dice trays, bags, cloth mats, etc.) are shipped via snail mail and it takes 1-2 weeks to reach you in EU and 2-4 weeks to reach you overseas.
And one more note, that we are not able to ship to PO boxes overseas.
First thing first, you should begin with finding the nice picture. Then our recommendation is to download the free and easy to use software to prepare the image for a print – Irfan View. It’s available HERE. Open the picture with Irfan View and let’s make a few steps:
1. Let’s check if the image is the right size for your game mat. Click ctrl+R or choose the menu Image -> Resize/Resample. You might wish to resize the picture and while doing that, make sure, that you keep the resolution for the picture and least 150 DPI. You can set the image size in inches, centimeters or pixels – whichever you find suitable.

2. Save the picture as JPG and be sure to set the image quality to 100 (click ctrl+S or S or choose the menu File -> Save As or Save).

Usually pictures, that are less than 1 MB are of low quality and might not look very good as game mats. Pictures that are up to 20 MB fall into the standard category, pictures that are around 200 MB in size are the printfiles for serious industrial printing.
Let’s see if a simple resize helps. It’s all explained in the question above. Another way to go, is to slice and cut and crop the image. Let’s download another free and easy to use software – Paint .NET. It’s available right HERE. Launch the Paint .NET and let’s follow a couple of steps:
1. Click ctrl+N or File -> New. Enter the resolution for the new image (make sure it’s at least 150 DPI) and enter the desired size in centimeters or inches.

2. Drag your picture onto the Paint .NET window and choose Open in the new dialog window. You should now have two pictures open on paint .NET: your blank image in correct game mat size and the picture that you want to see on the game mat.
3. Select the picture, click ctrl+A or Edit -> Select All, then click ctrl+C or Edit -> Copy. Select your blank image and click ctrl+V or Edit -> Paste. Now you can drag the original image around to select the required part of the image on the game mat, resize it to fill the full area, etc.

In case all fails, feel free to contact us with your request right HERE.
Some images don’t have the DPI (resolution) information on them, but the Print-O-Mat needs this information to calculate the dimensions of a mat or a dice tray. A simple solution is to download the Irfan View software from HERE. Open the picture with Irfan View and click ctrl+R or choose the menu Image -> Resize/Resample, then click OK without changing any values. The software will calculate the DPI value automatically and will write it in the image information. Don’t forget to save the picture (ctrl+S or S or choose the menu File -> Save As or Save) and you are good to go.
You can add an optional layer of hexes or square grid to your uploaded image or any high resolution image, available on our library. Just follow a few easy steps in the Print-O-Mat.
Note, that size of hexes is measured between two parallel lines.
You can make a dice tray with any image you can think of in Print-O-Mat. Be sure your image is in 20 x 20 cm in size (smaller images will be stretched to the required size, larger images will be cropped) and best resolution available. Logos or pictures look best in ~ 12 x 12 cm in the center.
For club / event / store orders please contact us at or via this form